Lib Dems need new leadership after embarrassing results

lib dem leader nick cleggIt’s been a tough few years for the hapless Liberal Democrats: their party seemingly ‘in the wilderness’ (as the Nazi’s were during Hitler’s imprisonment). But the Lib Dems don’t have inspirational, commanding Hitler they have Nick Clegg. Now whilst the party’s phase of being under the radar isn’t entirely down to him, he certainly isn’t the man to catapult them back alongside the Conservatives, Labour and resurgence UKIP, who now must be seen as key players.

Clegg’s problems began with the co-elision between the Liberals and the Conservatives which formed in 2010 and will almost certainly end next year. The Lib Dems had been reluctant to form with David Cameron and crew, but had been assured that their contrasting policies could be compromised and ultimately Nick Clegg saw it as a route into government which otherwise would’ve been unlikely.

In hindsight, we knew this was a sham by David Cameron who was determined to get the Conservatives back in government after 13 years and if that meant forming a co-elision with the Lib Dems, they were prepared to do it.

The worst failure Clegg endured was his plan to scrap tuition fees. He and the Liberals drove this as their most vital policy in order to win them votes, but just 5 months into his partnership – in which Cameron was obviously wearing the trousers – he was forced into a u-turn as tuition fees increased by almost 3 times. A disaster for the Lib Dems and the man at the forefront, Mr Nick Clegg.

Although, the Liberal Democrats work in Europe for Britain has been pivotal. Forcing the EU to invest in businesses has seen as incline in the British economy and thus has increased jobs in business, science, manufacturing etc. lowered the EU budget and have backed laws to become even stricter on human trafficking.

Due to this it’s no surprise the Lib Dems are backing the ‘stay in Europe campaign’. The only party who understands how valuable the EU is to our economy and creating jobs for the future. With it, they can be stricter on immigration but keep it fair and tackle environmental issues being ignored by other major parties.

Unfortunately, Clegg isn’t the man to propel us into the running. His previous mistakes (tuition fees etc) and how his profile is as unpopular as the Liberal Democrats themselves right now make him completely the wrong man. It has largely been the case of wrong timing for the Buckinghamshire-born politician and his tarnished reputation is unable to be restored.

Looking on, fresh blood must be appointed. Someone who supports staying in the EU and has the charisma to connect with voters of any race, background or gender. To be able to offer voters an alternative to Conservatives and Labour and to be able to send UKIP back into the pits of British politics.

With this manifesto followed, an upward incline of votes can be sustained within the coming years and elections. Staying the same, will only hinder the party in the long run.

By Cain


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